How Much Does a Maine Website Cost?

Most web sites are not free, so expect to make a budget for your web site strategy. This can depend on where you live, your business type, your profits, and the size and complexity of your web site. Make a realistic budget that includes the design of the site, hosting, domain name(s) and updates.

What does location have to do with the pricing of a web site? Well, if you live in Portland, Maine and you hire someone from San Fransico, expect to pay three times as much (Someone has to pay those outrageous California mortgages) for the same web site a local Maine web designer can create.

Actual pricing
The industry standard for a professional web design can range from $500 to $1000 for a basic web site, $1000 to $3000 for a very good web site solution, and usually more for larger businesses. Generally speaking, a massive company like Coca-Cola may be spending millions of dollars on thier online presence.

Expect to pay $15 for a domain name and $120 for basic hosting.

Web Design of Maine offers several options in our price quotes. We also have additional features that you can add on to the intial quotes.