Web Site Domain Names

What is a domain name?
This is what people type in at the top of web brower to find your web site. A domain name can be similar to your company name, like wwww.mycompany.com. Technically, this would be called a URL (Universal Resource Locator) and typed like: http://www.mycompany.com. There are several variations for the ".com" part of the name, like .biz, .edu, .net, .us and so on.

Domain name tips
The domain name should be relatively short, even though most of the good names are taken already! If you are a specialty store that sells organic eggs in York, Maine, try something rememberable like www.yorkyolks.com. Be creative but try not to take from other names like www.googlerific.com or www.microoosoft.com. Try not to make it so long that no one can type it, like www.newenglandfishingchartersandcruisesforfun.com. This also makes it hard for advertising. Suppose you want to put your domain name on a vehicle. A domain like www.NE-fishing.com makes it easier to read. So why is www.WebDesignofMaine.com such a long name? Well, sometimes a market is saturated with names and it's hard to get a good one. Ours is straight to the point, Web Design, and it's a Maine company. Good luck finding the perfect name. Don't forget, we can help!

Maine specific domain names
If you want to incorporate Maine into your domain name, you can try:

  • Using "Maine" at the beginning of your company name
  • Using "Maine" in a phrase
  • Using abreviations
  • Using variations

Get Started
We recommend you try a few places like www.godaddy.com and type in some domain names to see what is available. We can also help you find a domain name that best suits your business!